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Amazon has managed to become the number one site for e-shopping in Great Britain by simply offering incredible discounts on a wide range of products. It has enabled people to get an array of goods delivered in a 24hour period, guaranteeing that you’ll get your merchandise really quick.


When shopping online usiung the website our discount deals finder tool above alongside some the insider info that we have detailed below will certainly save you money.


The best place to begin would be our Discount finder tool. On the off chance that you haven’t utilized the tool, make sure that you enter the maximum information as you can and input a wider band of discount range (generally over 30% is perfect), just to ensure the maximum advantage.


The tool can find you great bargains but sometimes the items on Amazon have their real prices mentioned incorrectly, which leads to wrong calculation of savings. Therefore, it’s optimal to look for the actual market cost of the item that you require.

Some of the filters on Amazon are deliberately hidden. Therefore, resulting in an inefficient search. The Amazon Discount finder utilizes such hidden filters in order to access the products with the best savings, thus making it easier to locate these crafty little discounted items that are hidden beneath the ocean of results in the standard search on the website.

A variety of items are discounted at 60%, but if you get lucky, some products are discounted at upto 80%.

Another advantage of our tool is that it will help you find some great products which are generally free, yes FREE! These items are often digital and include such things as video games, eBooks, and podcasts. It is worth mentioning that these items, though usually free, come with optional add-ons that require some sort of payment.

The tool also comes in handy if you’re looking for a product that isn’t manufactured anymore. It doesn’t matter if it is a television or a decoration item, it can even be some beauty product, the discount tool will find you the best deals available.

Even though Amazon’s pricing is incredible and our tool lists the best deals available on the website, one simply can’t deny the fact that other retailers have exclusive deals and vouchers that may reduce the price further down the line. Hence, we advise that you should check all the retailers to guarantee the cheapest product. Aliexpress for example gives, people access to affordable products. The product is usually delivered from China so if time is the least of your concern, you should check them out. They are a reliable source for getting cheap phone covers and many other innovative products.

If you want to purchase lavish items that also happen to be bigger, we recommend looking for someone that specializes in the concerned field of items.

Before you checkout, on verify your total spend (delivery charges+ product price) against those of other retailers. You are bound to come across some products on Amazon that happen to be good value but incur higher delivery charges.

No matter what the item, Amazon Prime ensures free next day delivery on an extensive range of products. Amazon Prime has its own charges but offers a 1-month free trial upon signing up. Through this trial period, you can reap all the benefits of all services it has to offer for free (make sure that you cancel the subscription before the end of the month or else you’ll get hit by the usual monthly charge.)

Most Amazon users don’t know that they can usually get a number of free-trials for Amazon Prime. Thus, a person can take advantage of the services offered by Prime without getting charged on a monthly or annual basis.


Follow the steps mentioned below to your advantage:

  • Sign-up for Prime’s free trial.
  • Relish Amazon Prime benefits!
  • Undo the membership on the last day of your trial period.

Just log in whenever you have to buy something else, move forward with the checkout. Many customers will get another month of free trial when they are checking out.


Although the Pure Offers community has had a varying rate of success when implementing this technique, it has worked for people who use Amazon for occasional purchases. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you rarely get the free membership right away. Note: The success ratio differs from person to person as no one can guarantee how lenient Amazon currently is with its free memberships.

A great way to save even more money while shopping on Amazon is the use of various discount codes. We’ve got you covered here as well, you can find an entire page of the best offers and vouchers available on Amazon. We aslo need to mention the great coupon page run by Amazon themselves. It features a great deal of coupons for a variety of products. Just make sure that you’ve clicked the ‘Collect Voucher’ button before proceeding to check out, it will apply the discount by itself before you check out.

An important distinction here is that goods that are usually sold at Marketplace are not from Amazon Direct but usually come from a sole proprietor. These items, more often than not, don’t qualify for Amazon Prime’s next day delivery and aren’t free of shipping charges either. Moreover, the usual £20 free delivery threshold isn’t necessarily applicable to the average marketplace seller.


Its also the case that you are required to return an item yourself instead of via Amazon (if you want a better understanding of your rights while shopping online, have a look at this). Just for your assurance, Amazon follows an A to Z policy, which obligates them to compensate you if an item is not according to its description or fails to arrive, for up to £2,500.

In case our discount finder fails to find any hidden bargains for your speifc search, you can still find cheap deals of a huge range of products. Make sure you visit Amazon Warehouse, it has countless items that stretch over various categories. It is “The Place”, to find the returned, damaged, or revamped Amazon items for impressive discounts of up to 50%.

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