Ibiza Holidays

Ibiza Holidays

Home of the world’s best dance music nightclubs and synonymous with the term ‘decadent holiday’, Ibiza is the sun-drenched island Mecca of clubbers from all corners of the planet. In spite of this Ibiza holidays have emerged as a popular choice for families as well as young revellers. The bohemian vibe of the island has permeated beyond the beaches and clubs to create a laid-back all inclusive Ibiza holiday hotspot. The beaches are some of the best in the Mediterranean, making it the perfect place to recuperate from the previous night’s decadence. The sun going down is the symbolic shift between the two sides of cheap Ibiza holidays, as the tranquillity and sunshine gives way to the chaos and glow sticks. As appealing to relaxers as it is to ravers, Ibiza has something for everyone.

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Yes it’s a cliche, but it’s a cliché because it’s true (in itself a cliche), that if you’re visiting Ibiza, you simply must go clubbing. Famous the world over for its large capacity night clubs, Ibiza is the go-to destination for holidaymakers wanting revelry and debauchery in the name of dance music. Boasting the title of party capital of the world and clubs that are frequently voted as the very best there are, if you find yourself on Ibiza holidays chances are you’ll be partaking in the night time excesses.

D’Alt Vila

Ibiza’s “Upper Town” was the destination for the islands’ first tourists. Yes, long before the ravers and the hippies Ibiza was being visited by the Phoenicians, an ancient civilisation. The Phoenicians were just the first of many to leave their mark on Ibiza; in 1234 an agreement between future Portuguese conquerors resulted in the building of the Cathedral of Ibiza. The Cathedral still looks down on the city from its World Heritage Site hilltop location behind the walls of D’Alt Vila. The walls were first put up by The Romans before they were raised to protect against French and Turkish invaders in the 16th Century. Who’d have thought such history would be there to be explored in hedonist heaven?

Sunset at Calo des Moro

Calo des Moro beach in San Antonio is the perfect location to view the iconic Ibiza sunset. There’s something incredible about a beach that, but for ambient strains of chill out music, can fall silent watching the sun setting on the horizon. The silence doesn’t last long though, as the sunset is seen as the symbolic kick-off to the night’s festivities.

Scooter Tours

Its status as a World Heritage Site boasting island shows that cheap Ibiza holidays needn’t be a sleep all day and party all night affair. With so much more than just the beaches and nightclubs, it’d be a shame to miss out on exploring the Island of Pine Trees, as the first Greek explorers dubbed it. There are several companies offering scooter tours of the island, while rental companies are also available if you fancied a little bit of self exploration.

Sa Penya

Packed with dozens of boutiques and home of the famous ‘hippy markets’; Sa Penya is an Ibizan port town famous for its shops and stalls that sell anything, and everything. Over 4 million people pass through the airport every year, and Sa Penya is the destination for anyone wishing to partake in a little bit of watching them. Possibly the biggest collection of exhibitionists in Spain congregates in the area, meaning your experience of Sa Penya as either a shopper or people-watcher is bound to be a colourful one.

Essential info

  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Spanish
  • Visa: N/A
  • Vaccinations: N/A
  • Dress code: N/A
  • Important numbers: British Consulate: 0034 971 30 1818
  • Other info: N/A
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