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USA City Breaks

The land of the free and the home of the brave, or so the anthem goes. Whatever your opinions of the United States of America and its populace, you can’t deny that it’s one of the most diverse, picturesque and downright cool countries on the planet.

As well as the “brave”, America is home to redwoods, lakes, canyons, deserts (and desserts), the Blues, beaches, bayous and (admittedly weak) beer. Its also home to some of the greatest cities and hotels on Earth, and USA city breaks are becoming an extremely popular way to see them. So much more than the world view-lacking stereotypes, the American people are quite possibly the most hospitable on Earth and take great pride in their country and that people would want to visit, be it on cheap USA city breaks or indefinite travels across the four million miles of highway.

Pure Offers Top 5 recommendations

The Golden Gate Bridge

The world’s most photographed bridge and probably the most beautiful, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and its famous international orange towers is one of the USA’s most iconic images. A breathtaking marvel of engineering and architecture, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of those wonders that inexplicably takes your breath away and leaves you with a lifelong memory. There are many great locations to view it from but for the best views cross the bridge towards Sausalito and hike through the Marin Headlands. Once you reach the top you may well be lucky enough to see the bridge standing above the clouds that enshroud the city beyond. The Golden Gate Bridge is a thing of beauty and no USA city breaks to San Francisco would be complete without admiring its splendour.

Santa Monica

Connected to Los Angeles by the Santa Monica freeway and just a few miles from downtown, Santa Monica has a cool atmosphere, cultured promenade and beautiful beach. When you tire of, quite rightly, immersing yourself in the celebrity driven culture of Hollywood Boulevard just get yourself down the road to Santa Monica and relax amongst the cosmopolitan vibe of the West LA town.

Empire State Building

No longer the biggest in the world but definitely the most iconic, The Empire State Building in New York is probably the symbol most synonymous with the Big Apple. Standing at 1,454 feet and 102 stories, The Empire State was completed in 1931 and is the city of skyscraper’s tallest. Offering unparalleled views of the world famous New York skyline, the skyscraper is open until the early hours of the morning, meaning you can see New York in almost all its lights. How could you not go and marvel at the inimitable landmark on your cheap USA city breaks to New York?

Drive Highway 1

USA City Breaks needn’t see you just visit one city; this is definitely the case on the West Coast. Car hire is prevalent and relatively cheap, so if you fly into San Francisco, there’s no reason for you not to fly back from Los Angeles and drive the most scenic and beautiful coastline on Earth. From SF you’ll drive down rugged cliff edges overlooking the Pacific, where there’s so many designated scenic view stop off points en route you’ll need to bypass them to make it to LA on time. National Parks with beautiful redwoods and beachside towns, like Monterey, that bask in constant sunshine are places to break up the journey on the greatest drive you’ll ever have.

Smithsonian Institution

When visiting Washington, D.C. despite all of its world famous landmarks, the one place to go if you’re interested in your history and culture is the Smithsonian Institution. Opened in 1846, the Institution is a research complex and the largest museum in the world; comprised of a variety of speciality museums, a zoo and 136 million items. Many of the Institution’s buildings are landmarks in their own right and each offers in-depth insight into a myriad of subject matter. Another reason for visiting is that unlike most museums in America, the Smithsonian doesn’t require you to pay an entry fee and rather allows you donate if you see fit; great if you’re on a budget on your cheap USA city breaks.

Essential info

  • Currency: Dollar
  • Language: English
  • Visa: British tourists visiting the United States for less than 90 days must apply for an ESTA.
  • Vaccinations: N/A
  • Dress code: N/A
  • Important numbers: Embassy: 020 7499 9000
  • Other info: The drinking and gambling age in the USA is 21, not 18.


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