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Easyjet Flights – Stelios’s cheap flights

We have always been faintly disturbed by Easyjet’s nasty orange livery. It reminds us of the 1970s for some reason. But Stelios is a darling. He’s the chap who started the whole cheap flights phenomenon off and opened up the world – literally – to millions of people who could never have afforded an exotic holiday before. Cool stuff. Cheers Stelios, you owe us a fiver for that. No, really… if no frills travel is what you’re after, you can’t beat EasyJet flights. Fly with EasyJet to an impressive network of destinations covering Europe and North Africa.

Easyjet Flights – Low cost air travel for business travellers

Business travellers love Easyjet too, although it is apparently quite hard to get to work on your laptop surrounded by over excited holidaymakers and air sick children. It beats business travel in an eight seater from Shoreham Airport – or so we hear – which can be hair raising at the best of times. OK, Easyjet don’t pretend to offer any level of luxury and there’s not a lot of comfort. But for low cost, bargain basement, convenient air travel they’re darned good.

Easyjet Flights – Taking the environment seriously

Unlike many head-in-the-sand airlines and holiday operators, Easyjet is taking the environmental bull by the horns and making plans for a greener future. Compared to your average traditional airline Easyjet flights emits 27% less carbon for each passenger kilometre. A good start. EasyJet also flies newer ‘planes, which are much more fuel efficient. Because they work an the basis that every flight must be 85% full, no matter how low they have to make their prices to fill them up, they enjoy positive economies of scale. And they only fly direct short haul. Commitment to Easyjet’s support of exciting United Nations approved projects like Perlabi Hydroelectric in Ecuador let them offset their carbon use even more. All good stuff. They’ve even got an eco-jet on the drawing board.


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