Kuoni Holidays

Kuoni Holidays – Quality holidays in weird and wonderful places

Kuoni is a by-word for quality and their holidays don’t come cheap. Kuoni is a Swiss company, now the biggest travel firm in Switzerland and a brand to contend with. Alfred Kuoni founded the company way back in 1906, adding leisure travel to the freight forwarding services his brothers’ company already offered. Today they have almost eight thousand staff worldwide in 300 offices. My mum went on a Kuoni tour holiday to South America in 1976, leaving my brother, my dad and I marooned in the UK for several weeks. She brought back enthralling stories about climbing Macchu Picchu, tripping her nuts off (so to speak) after eating strange fruit in Bolivia and seeing dead bodies on the Altiplano. Not your average holiday.

Kuoni Holidays – Visit out of the way places in safety

Since 1966 Kuoni has led the field as far as UK long haul tours are concerned. They’re probably the country’s most popular and trusted quality specialist operator and they’ve always been known for giving holidaymakers a lot more oomph for their money. Clamber around the Great Wall of China. Head off the beaten track in India. Or hit South America. Just leave the strange fruit alone. Recently Kuoni has been busy extending their brand and they now offer all sorts of exciting holiday options via their Voyages Jules Verne, Travel Collection and Sport Abroad packages.

Kuoni Holidays – Exotic weddings and honeymoons

A wedding can cost millions of pounds. Actually, that’s complete rubbish but it got your attention. Having said that, it can be horribly expensive to get married in the UK and Kuoni reckon that a wedding abroad can be a good value option. Cool. Not only does a Kuoni wedding holiday a snip, in comparison, you get married in one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. Head for Africa, tie the knot on the Indian Ocean, Marry in the South Pacific, get wed on the Indian Subcontinent, North Africa or the Middle East.


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