Top Ten Holidays for Singles

Top Ten Holidays for Singles

Travelling on your own can be a fantastic experience and whether you’re looking to indulge your interests or meet like-minded people, this guide to the best singles holidays is sure to inspire you. We’ve even thrown in some helpful links to our other guides, to help you find and book your perfect holiday.

Cruises, Worldwide

A cruise is a perfect way to meet people if you want to, or to just do your own thing. Either way, you’re never far from the opportunity of having company if you want it – it’s all around you.
While many cruise lines charge a supplement, a few don’t, so hunt around. Others sometimes waive single supplements if space is available. Some lines are single friendly enough to have single cabins – worth asking about.

Coach tours, UK and worldwide

An organised coach tour is brilliant for singles. You can sit back, enjoy the view, listen to the guide and talk to your neighbour or not. You’re certain not to be the only person on their own but even if you are, you’ll have plenty of company, and plenty to talk about.
There are a wealth of excellent coach tours in Europe, whether you want to see the tulips in bloom in Holland, explore the ancient sites of Greece, take a grand tour of Italy or discover Scandinavia. Further afield there are some excellent coach tours of Canada and the USA.

Short breaks, UK and Europe

Short breaks, especially of the city variety, are great for single people. Not only are they interesting but it can be a taster if you’re thinking about a longer holiday on your own. European cities like Paris, Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, Venice and Madrid again have a wealth of things to see and do.
Take advantage of any guided tours on offer – that way you know you’ll be mixing with people who share your language.

Expeditions and trekking, Worldwide

Many single people feel at home on this sort of holiday, which brings them together with people of like mind. Often aimed at more independent travellers, many of the major adventure holiday companies do offer trips to singles at no extra cost.
In many cases, single independent travellers make up as much as 70% of their clientele. Choose from a myriad of destinations including India, Nepal, the Amazon, Peru, Vietnam, Libya and the Arctic circle.

Pamper breaks, UK and Europe

If you really want to switch off, there’s nothing better than doing it on your own. You can be completely self-indulgent as you relax and unwind. There’s a wide variety of health and spa breaks to suit every budget.
Abroad, choose from Ayurvedic treatments in Goa, spa treatments in Hungary, mind, body and spirit boosters in Thailand and Thalassotherapy (treatments using sea water, usually combined with seaweed and mud) in Portugal, Crete or the South of France or try massage and reflexology in Spain.

Special interest

Joining fellow artists, twitchers or opera buffs can be a refreshing change and make for a stimulating holiday – where else would you find a bunch of people who want to talk about wading birds or Verdi all day?
Choose from cooking or painting in Italy, wine tasting n in France and bird watching everywhere from Corsica to Peru. Check brochures carefully as some operators offer special deals for singles on certain dates.


There are specific singles sailing holidays lasting from as little as a weekend to a week or more. You can also join many ordinary sailing holidays, which welcome a mix of couples, groups and singles.
You’ll get most choice in holidays in the Aegean and Caribbean simple because these are the biggest sailing areas. Smaller companies often have better success at getting a suitable mix of people on board.

Sun, sea and sand

Some companies run beach holidays for the more discerning single holidaymaker, often using smaller, family-run hotels, with the emphasis usually on Med resorts.
Socially, a beach holiday can be fun if you join one of the many organised excursions on offer. These typically include coach or boat trips to local places of interest and theme evenings at local restaurants or in your own hotel including local foods, music and dancing.

Single parents

With over two million lone parent families in the UK, there are various organisations that can help you with information including Gingerbread, HELP (Holiday Endeavour for One Parent Families) and the National Council for One Parent Families.
Some operators are offering reduced, but not free child places for single parent families. Always check the small print in brochures. Make life easy for yourself by travelling to a resort where there are good child facilities as you’ll undoubtedly need a little time for yourself.


Activity holidays are a natural for singles – you can throw yourself into your favourite sport or strike out and learn something new. Try cycling or tennis in Spain, horse-riding in Cyprus, skiing in Switzerland, walking in Marjorca, or carriage driving in France.
Fancy learning to dance? You can combine a visit to Spain with salsa classes. Diving is popular with singles and you’ll soon be teamed up with a diving buddy – check out diving holidays in Egypt, Turkey or the Caribbean.


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