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Why We Love Cyprus Holidays

Cyprus holidays are amongst the most popular for Brits looking for a sunny getaway. The hot weather, beautiful beaches and cheap, abundant drinks make it the ideal location for a relaxing holiday all-year round.

Cyprus needn’t just be laid back leisure time though, despite being classified as a European state Cyprus is located in between Africa and Asia, and as such a unique culture is there to be explored. So no matter what your intention; be it lounging, exploring, drinking or even skiing (!), cheap Cyprus holidays have got you sorted.

Pure Offers Top 5 recommendations

Horse Riding in Paphos

See deserted Turkish villages, mountains and valleys, gorges and plains and oceans of both sea and forest by horseback, in this offbeat activity. Located in wooden stables above the Paphos Forest, horse riding offers a great experience for family Paphos holidays and the opportunity to see this unique country in a very unique way. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or how long you want to ride, there are plenty of options to satisfy your needs. Cyprus holidays don’t just have to be a monotonous routine of sunbathing and drinking!

Nissi Beach

If it is sunbathing and drinking you’re after, you’ll do well to find anywhere better than Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa. The sea is warm, the sun is hot and the drinks are cold on a beach where you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone just relaxing and catching some rays. Foam parties are just one of a number of entertainment features of Nissi Beach, as it caters perfectly to the lads and lasses who want to get the party started as early as possible.

Buyuk Han

Built in 1572 by the first Ottoman governor of Cyprus, The Buyuk Han is a rare surviving example of medieval caravanserai (roadside inn where travellers could rest) in North Nicosia. An example of Ottoman architecture, the inn has become the heartbeat of the Old Town, with the rooms formerly used for sleeping travellers now transformed into cafés, shops and workshops.

Napa Bungee

You’re in Ayia Napa, that initial thrill of being in an all-day and all-night party hub is starting to wane, you need some exhilaration… you needn’t look any further than Napa Bungee. Napa Bungee affords you the chance to throw yourself 200 ft off its perch with nothing but an elastic band separating you from the sea. If you can’t face up to it alone, you can do a tandem jump and should your nerves get the better of you, the staff are promise not to push you off!

Magic Dancing Waters Show

If you find yourself on holiday in Protaras between May and November, make sure you catch the Magic Dancing Waters Show. Prepare to be dazzled by dancing waters, laser animations, flames and volcanic eruptions in this innovative, family-friendly attraction.

Essential info

  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Greek and Turkish
  • Visa: N/A
  • Vaccinations: N/A
  • Dress code: N/A
  • Important numbers: Embassy: 020 7321 4100, 020 7569 8800
  • Other info: N/A



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