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When it comes to offering daily deals and vouchers, there aren’t many sites that can compete with Wowcher. Over the years, it has established itself as a reliable and reputable source of offers; a place where all types of customers come to save money and enjoy the best deals. Read More

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Colour: Blue Size: One size fits most. Material: Polyester & Silica Gel. Get this great Silicone Compression Knee Support Sleeves! 100% Brand new and high quality! | Silicone Compression Knee Support Sleeves | Wowcher
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More About Wowcher

It is not just the availability of exciting deals at all times that makes Wowcher stand out. The fact that they cover a wide variety of products is what makes them so popular throughout the country. While one user enjoys a discount on his afternoon meal, another could well be browsing the website for his next summer trip or his favourite designer brand. The possibilities are endless at Wowcher!



Another reason for its popularity is its ability to offer discounts countrywide. Even if you are in a small town somewhere in the UK, you can browse through deals that are in your area. All you have to do is enter your location and you get access to all the vouchers currently on offer in your area. In case you feel overwhelmed by the huge variety available, simply browse through the relevant sub-category to find the deals you are looking for.


Wowcher Deals – Providing delightful and luxurious products and experiences

Wowcher has been in business since 2009 when it was set up by Nick Brummitt, a successful Entrepreneur who sold the business to the Daily Mail Group two years later. Since then, most of the ownership share has transferred to Exponent. Later, Exponent also acquired LivingSocial. At the moment, the Daily Mail Group has a stake in all these operations, but they are the minority stakeholders.

Since its inception, Wowcher has successfully partnered with restaurants, salons, stores, resorts, and many other businesses. These partnerships help bring exciting products to customers, enabling the partners to tap into Wowcher’s large user-base and hence increase their sales.


How to Access Wowcher Deals

To access the current Wowcher deals, you simply have to go to the Wowcher website Once you are on the site, it automatically picks up your current location to present deals that are most relevant to your geographical location. Of course, it is still possible to view deals on offer in other regions. All you have to do is change your current location manually and enter the region you want to view the deals for.


What Categories does Wowcher Cover?

Wowcher specializes in offering a massive variety of categories, targeting customers with all kinds of interests. It is hard to cover all the categories in one article but some of the most popular categories include:



We all eat multiple times a day, so having discounts and deals at our disposal at all times saves loads of money in the long run. Wowcher has partnered with all kinds of restaurants that include fast-food chains, pizza, burger joints, Asian, French, and Indian cuisines among many more.



Through Wowcher, you can buy anything you want at great discounts. Be it jewellery, cosmetics, clothes, computer items, electronics, kitchenware or any other item you can imagine. Chances are if there is a shop for it, there is a Wowcher voucher for it!



Wowcher’s travel offers aren’t restricted to the UK. You can shop for all kinds of trips be it a trip to a beach resort, a safari trip, a romantic themed holiday, or any other outing. Travel deals usually also include golf trips as well as relaxation extras like spas.


Adventurous Activities:

One of the most interesting categories that Wowcher offers is Activities. If you are the adventurous type, you are going to love this section. The activities section is updated constantly according to the weather, season, and public interest. Indoor activities like theatre, paintballing, and bingo are usually available throughout the year. If you keep an eye on this section, you may even find attractive deals for skydiving, motor racing, and many other outdoor activities.


Home Items:

This category includes products one needs now and then for the house. Some popular items in this category include furniture, garden accessories, decorations, lights, utensils, and storage products.


Health and Fitness:

From gym memberships to hair transplants, this category includes items that every fitness enthusiast will love. Products related to health trackers, supplements, wearables, and dieting are a hit in this category.



A category for the beauty-conscious! This is the place to be if you are looking for spa deals, skin treatments, hair treatment, a manicure or simply a relaxing massage.



In this fast-paced world, learning new skills on the go has become quite popular. This category includes offers for driving lessons, IT courses, language courses as well as many other personal development courses.


Wowcher Sales

Since Wowcher offers products on sale every day of the year, it is hard to say when exactly they are on sale. Events like Black Friday and a few weeks in November and December are the right times to catch the most exciting deals. They also have a Recommendations category which highlights products that are a great buy.


How to Order

A simple sign-up process on the Wowcher website not only enables you to place orders but also opens the ‘Daily Deals’ section on the homepage. The buying process is pretty simple and follows the same step a modern checkout process requires. Once you find the right product, just click on the ‘Buy’ button. If it prompts you to make additional choices, select them and head to the payment page.


Once you are on the payment page, you may be required to provide some additional information, such as credit card data. Wowcher has partnered with multiple financial services giving you multiple payment options such as VISA, Mastercard, and Paypal. Since Wowcher’s security is handled by Norton Secured and CyberSource, the customer’s data is secure.

Once you’ve made the purchase, you will receive your order confirmation and any additional information.


The Wowcher Loyalty Scheme

Wowcher’s membership scheme goes by the name of ‘Wowchering’ and shouldn’t be mistaken with the sign-up. The scheme gives you the ability to accumulate credit obtained from the deals you buy on their website. This credit can be redeemed later. Wowchering also gives you access to more deals so if you are a frequent Wowcher user, opting for the membership is a smart investment.


The Delivery Process

The Wowchers that you’ve purchased on the site cannot be redeemed immediately. You have to wait for a certain period of time. Once this time limit is over, the Wowcher is activated and sent to you via email. You can then use it whenever you like.

If you wish to make any changes to your items, make sure you have the order receipt available. You receive this right after you’ve made the payment on the website. If you haven’t received the information or the voucher, you can log in to the website and access the data from your dashboard.


Redeeming Wowcher Offers

While the redemption method may vary from offer to offer, they will all have a unique code. To redeem the offer, you just need to open it using Adobe Acrobat(or any other PDF reader), print it out and show at the relevant shop, restaurant or concerned office. Make sure you read any additional text or instructions written on the voucher as some vouchers may require additional steps before they can be redeemed.


Cancellation Policy

Any Wowcher bought on the website can be returned fourteen days after the customer has received it. Note that the 14-day period starts from the date you received the activated voucher and not from the date you made the payment. In order to initiate a successful return, make sure you have the credit card you used at hand. You’ll also need the order ID or order number and Wowcher code.


Once you have everything available, simply go to the returns area of the website and follow the instructions. Your money will either be refunded as cash or credited to your Wowcher account within ten days.

In case you aren’t satisfied with the service of the partner, you will have to raise the issue with the vendor, not with Wowcher.


Wowcher Smartphone App

Wowcher has an app for both Android and iOS users. The app offers all the features that are available on the Wowcher website.


Contact Wowcher

Wowcher’s customer support can be contacted through the website. However, it is always a good idea to head to their FAQ section first. Most general queries are already answered there.


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